Our exclusive Sweet Dreams pillow is Calderon’s most popular pillow. It’s machine washable and works fabulously as a sleeping or positioning pillow. Here you’ll also find traditional fiber fill, sure chek, and pillow protector options.

Product Size Weight Per Case Stock #
Sweet Dreams pillow, standard size, 33 oz. 20"x26" 30 lbs. 501-SWEET
Sweet Dreams pillow, standard size, FIRM, 39 oz. 20"x26" 35 lbs. 502-SWEET
Sweet Dreams pillow, queen size, 38 oz. 20"x30" 32 lbs. 512-SWEET
Sweet Dreams pillow, king size, 55 oz. 20"x36" 31 lbs. 503-SWEET
Premiere Gold pillow, standard size, wipe only, 22 oz. 20"x26" 21 lbs. 511-PREMGOLD
Sure Chek pillow, standard size, 18 oz. 21"x27" 20 lbs. 511-SURE
Pillow protector, T-180 cloth, standard size 31 lbs. 51Z-4234
Pillow protector, vinyl, standard size, zippered 31 lbs. 53Z-4234