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Corporate Office / Mailing Address

6131 W. 80th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278
Phone: 800-252-1986
Fax : 317-524-1463

Customer Service

Email: Click to email Customer Service
Toll Free: 888-742-1998

National Accounts

Nichole Powell
Healthcare Sales Executive
Direct: 317-275-7815
Toll Free: 888-742-1998 ext 185
Email: Click to email Nichole

Emily Smith
Décor Sales Consultant
Direct: 317-275-7837
Toll Free: 888-742-1998 ext 181
Email: Click to email Emily


Frequently asked questions


“How do I place an order?”

Orders can be placed via phone: 888-252-1986, fax: 317-524-1463,
email: Click to email Customer Service , or online.

“How do I establish an online account?”

Contact Customer Service, Click to email Customer Service
or 888-742-1998.

“When will my order ship?”

All orders received before Noon EST will ship same day,
all other orders will ship within 24 hours.