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Corporate Office / Mailing Address

6131 W. 80th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278
Phone: 800-252-1986
Fax : 317-524-1463

Customer Service

Email: Click to email Customer Service
Toll Free: 888-742-1998

National Accounts

Nichole Powell
Healthcare Sales Executive
Direct: 317-275-7815
Toll Free: 888-742-1998 ext 185
Email: Click to email Nichole

Corey Slack
Healthcare Sales Executive
Direct: 317-275-7801
Toll Free: 888-742-1998 ext 135
Email: Click to email Corey

Emily Smith
Décor Sales Consultant
Direct: 317-275-7837
Toll Free: 888-742-1998 ext 181
Email: Click to email Emily


Frequently asked questions


“How do I place an order?”

Orders can be placed via phone: 888-252-1986, fax: 317-524-1463,
email: Click to email Customer Service , or online.

“How do I establish an online account?”

Contact Customer Service, Click to email Customer Service
or 888-742-1998.

“How can I fill out a credit application?”

Our credit application is now online. Please follow this link.

“When will my order ship?”

All orders received before Noon EST will ship same day,
all other orders will ship within 24 hours.