Sweet 16

The new Sweet 16 towel collection combines durable polyester with soft 16 single cotton yarns. This collection features a single cam border design and a variety of sizes and weights.

Product Size Weight Per Case Stock #
Bath towel 25"x50" 44 lbs. 1003-105SWEET
Bath towel 24"x48" 43 lbs. 1002-8SWEET
Bath towel 22"x44" 38 lbs. 1001-625SWEET
Bath towel 20"x40" 41 lbs. 1000-5SWEET
Hand towel 16"x27" 33 lbs. 1012-3SWEET
Wash cloth 12"x12" 54 lbs. 1021-75SWEET
Wash Cloth 12"x12" 54 lbs. 1021-1SWEET